Time of Event

Day 1: 09:00-16:00 Tokyo time
Day 2: 09:00-16:05 Tokyo time
Day 3:  09:00-13:05 Tokyo time


Farmers’ organizations such as cooperatives, associations, self-help groups, producer organizations, farmer-based organizations, farmer groups, and collective action can help to boost farmer productivity and bargaining power, farm management skills, household welfare and livelihoods, and rural development. However, the relationship between farmers’ organizations and broader sustainable development and policy design remains unclear.

This JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游I virtual conference will feature new research paper presentations on the role of farmers’ organizations in supporting sustainable development in the agricultural sector and rural areas in Asian countries. It will also highlight on policy approaches for boosting rural and agricultural development.

  • Explain how farmers’ organizations promote sustainable agricultural and rural development in Asia
  • Describe the impacts of farmer organization membership on agricultural production and marketing performance, women’s empowerment, intra-household decision-making, and socioeconomic well-being
  • Discuss measures that can enhance farmer organization capacity to promote sustainable rural development
Target Participants
  • Policy makers; experts from think tanks, universities, and international organizations; and practitioners
  • Greater understanding of the relationship between farmers’ organizations and sustainable agricultural and rural development in Asia
  • Identification of policy solutions for enhancing farmer organizations’ rural and agricultural development capacity
  • Research papers presented during the conference will be considered for publication in a special issue of the journal Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics
  • Lincoln University, New Zealand
  • University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy

Event Contact

  • Dil B. Rahut Senior Research Fellow Research JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游 Institute E-mail contact form