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Access to Information

JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游’s Access to Information Policy reflects JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游’s ongoing commitment to transparency, accountability, and participation by stakeholders.


The exceptions to JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游's presumption in favor of disclosure are set forth in the Access to Information Policy . Some of these exceptions identify the harm that disclosure of the relevant information could cause to the interests protected by the exception. Below are the general categories of exceptions with a brief rationale.

Exception Reason for Exception
Deliberative and Decision-Making Process Where disclosure might inhibit candid exchange of ideas and communications within JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游 and between JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游 and/or its stakeholders
Information Provided in Confidence Where disclosure could materially prejudice JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游’s relations with that party or any other JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游 member
Personal Information Where disclosure could compromise the legitimate privacy interests of the person concerned
Financial Information Where disclosure could compromise legitimate financial or commercial interests or the ability of a member to manage its economy
Security and Safety Where disclosure could endanger the life, health, safety, or security of any individual
Legal or Investigative Matters Where information could materially prejudice an investigation or the administration of justice
Internal Audit Reports and Trust Fund Audit Report Where public disclosure would violate applicable auditing standards
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