Want to grow professionally by building on your training and experience? Want to help improve the lives of people in Asia and the Pacific?

The Young Professionals Program (YPP) is an entry-level recruitment program to attract highly qualified and motivated individuals to JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游. YPP provides the foundation for a challenging and rewarding professional career in an international development environment and offers a wide range of opportunities to develop professional skills and understanding of JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游's operations, policies, and procedures. Under a structured talent management program, Young Professionals (YPs) will contribute to the achievement of JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游’s Strategy 2030.

The recruitment for the YPP 2020 cohorts is now closed. Information on the next YPP recruitment will be posted once details becomes available.

Program offerings

Selected Young professionals (YPs) are offered a fixed-term appointment of 3 years. YPs will be initially placed in one of the departments in the Headquarters (Manila) where they can gain foundational experience of JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游’s operations, then assigned to another department/office as a rotational assignment for 12 months. The rotational assignment will be carried out in a field related to the initial placement whereby YPs are expected to broaden their experience and deepen their knowledge on the subject matter.

Throughout the program, YPs will be offered a variety of development opportunities – they will participate in missions for activities in fact-finding and appraisal, project review and completion, country programming, sector and policy studies, or disbursement. They will also be entitled to a number of learning programs, both in-house and external, some of them specifically designed to cater for the needs of the YPs.

Towards the end of the program, YPs are encouraged to seek internal opportunities should they wish to remain in the Bank.


All YPs must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Not more than 32 years old upon joining JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游
  • Be a national of one of JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游’s members
  • Proven academic track record in a field relevant to the job role
  • Minimum of 2 years of professional experience relevant to the job role
  • Excellent oral and written skills in English


For further information on the young professionals program:
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