MANILA, PHILIPPINES (1 August 2022) — The Asian Development Bank (JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游) has approved a $10 million loan to help the Government of Bhutan purchase safe and effective vaccines against COVID-19.

The project is part of JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游’s  $9 billion Asia Pacific Vaccine Access Facility  (APVAX) launched in December 2020 to offer vaccine-related support to JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游 developing member countries.

“JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游 remains committed to support the Government of Bhutan in its efforts to manage the pandemic and to fully carry out its National COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Plan,” said JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游 Country Director for Bhutan Shamit Chakravarti. “The administration of booster and pediatric vaccine doses will protect the entire eligible population against waning immunity and ensure that Bhutan’s economic recovery is sustainable and inclusive.”

The JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游 loan will finance the purchase of at least 1.28 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines. It will support Bhutan to achieve its 100% vaccine coverage target by 2024. Vaccines financed by JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游 will immunize at least 90% of children aged 5–11 to cover the initial two-dose schedule and the additional doses for the entire eligible population. 

JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游 will also administer a $3 million grant from the Japan Fund for Prosperous and Resilient Asia and the Pacific (JFPR) to help improve access to primary health care services, including COVID-19 vaccination and routine immunization, in remote areas through the purchase and deployment of mobile medical unit vehicles. Medical personnel will be trained to help strengthen outreach health care service delivery and biomedical waste management. In addition, the JFPR grant will help the government maintain the current level of COVID-19 disease surveillance capacity to address new COVID-19 variants and ensure the safety of health care personnel involved in providing COVID-19 care by providing medical and laboratory equipment and supplies, test kits, reagents, and personal protective equipment.

The project builds on JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游’s earlier support for Bhutan’s COVID-19 response, including the $20 million COVID-19 Active Response and Expenditure Support program loan that supported the government’s livelihood and relief measures for businesses and vulnerable groups, a $2 million grant under the Asia Pacific Disaster Relief Fund to purchase emergency medical supplies and equipment, and a $1.17 million emergency assistance grant for the procurement of personal protective equipment and intensive care unit equipment.

JJ竞技(拉萨)登录手游 is committed to achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific, while sustaining its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty. Established in 1966, it is owned by 68 members—49 from the region.

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